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Directly from Terracotta Distribution and Sharp teeth Films.

Discover horror, thriller, action, drama, documentay from the 4 corners of the globe.

Terracotta Terracotta


Terracotta Distribution selling Far East Asian DVDs from Asian horror to Asian action and Asian drama. 

Sister label Sharp Teeth films selling cutting edge genre and documentary titles - Films with Bite!

From BTZ with Japanese star Sora Aoi, to Sparrow, by Hong Kong maestro Johnnie To, to Moebius from controversial South Korean auteur, Kim Ki-duk to Vietnamese martial arts action in The Lady Assassin - find all your Asian film needs here!

Terracotta promotes Far East films in the UK via:  the annual Terracotta Festival, a monthly free film club, a monthly newsletter, and frequent competitions and exclusive screenings.

Terracotta Distribution releases quality Far East Cinema across all platforms, with no stipulation on country or genre, and recently launched an imprint label, Terror-Cotta.

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