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Kim Ki-duk’s rarely seen directorial debut, never before released in the UK.

Kim Ki-duk’s stunning debut is a study of violence in South Korean society and seemingly unlike any other Korean films made before it. It depicts the life of violent thug, Crocodile, who lives with a peddling boy and an old man by the banks of the river Han in Seoul, a popular suicide spot.

Homeless Crocodile makes a living by robbing the dead bodies of those who commit suicide by jumping into the river. One day, he saves the life of a suicidal young woman from drowning but only to use her for sex. Keeping her there, he develops an abusive relationship and despite his temper and violence, a bond soon forms between the four of them.

CROCODILE is the grittiest of KIM Ki-duk's early work which led the path to series of intense and highly acclaimed features.

Dir: KIM ki-duk
Cast: Cho Jae-hyeon (The Isle, Bad Guy, Address Unknown, The Kick, The Weight), AHN Jae-Hong, WOO Yoon-kyung, CHUN Moo-song.
Runtime: 102 minutes
Language: Korean (English subtitles)
Country: South Korea
Year: 1996
Genre: Drama
Rating: 18
Region: region 2

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What the press say:
"Crocodile comes with one of those hauntingly beautiful endings for which Kim has since become rightly famous." - Little White Lies
"The brilliance of this film lays in its fragile beauty and its simplicity." - Close-Up Film
"Such imaginative film techniques and striking symbolism makes Crocodile an interesting, engaging, and ultimately very human film." ★★★★ Cine-Vue
"An astonishingly accomplished piece of work for a first film" - Oriental Nightmares
"He’s undoubtedly an artist, and that’s what Kim Ki-duk proved to be already in 1996." - Eastern Kicks
"A must for those who wish to see the early, burgeoning talent of one of Korea’s most controversial director" - Hangul Celluloid