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Desire to Kill '2 for £6.66 offer'

Desire to Kill '2 for £6.66 offer'

3.33 GBP

2 Horror DVDs for £6.66 offer: you MUST purchase 2 DVDs at £3.33 each to qualify for this offer. You may purchase more than 2 DVDs. Products will only be sent out if orders are in multiples of 2.

Kill or be killed

Two men in adjacent hospital beds - one man is paralysed and the other killed the paralysed mans wife. 

Min-ho's wife has been murdered and he has been hunting the killer to exact his revenge. He had also attempted suicide many times, with the last attempt leaving him paralysed an hospitalised. When an unidentified amnesiac patient is placed next to him, Min-ho is startled to see it is Sang-up, the killer he had been looking for. 

Not only does Min-ho have his chance at last to avenge his wife's cold blooded murder, he must also do it before Sang-up regains his memory and recognises him and finishes him off. Immobile and laid up in bed, the clock starts ticking for Min-ho - it's time to kill or be killed.

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Dir: Owen Cho, Kim Sang-hwa

Cast: CHUN Ho-jin, YOO Hae-jin91minKorean (English subtitles)South Korea2010Horror

Rating: 15

What the Press say:

“Oldboy in a hospital room” - Inside Pulse
“An Eli Roth torture-porn take on Deathtrap” –
“...Kafka-esque feel, with definite Hitchcockian overtones…” –"a genuinely funny black comedy, come mystery, come 
psychological thriller" Hangul Celluloid
"Whether, in the end, you giggle, cry or cringe in horror, is 
entirely up to you ..." - Little White Lies
"certainly better than anything Hollywood has produced in the past ten years." - Vulture Hound Magazine

DVD Special Features:
Interview with cast
Making of