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Septic Man

Septic Man

7.99 GBP

Fecal matter, blood, guts and filth abound in this movie
"a sh!tload of fun"
"A horrific fever dream" 4 stars 
Dread Central

When a small town’s water supply becomes contaminated, causing violent, projectile eruptions from the townsfolk, it’s up to trusty plumber Jack to resolve the situation. But in the deep, dank sewers, Jack is not alone… after discovering the terrible secret behind the contamination - a mass of rotting corpses - he is pursued by the monstrous killers that created this mess. All the while the fetid, toxic contents of the sewer are morphing him into a hideous monster...

From the writer of acclaimed indie zombie hit Pontypool comes a gross-out horror satire in the same vein as The Toxic Avenger and Wolf Cop.
Directed by Monster Brawl director Jesse T. Cook and produced by John Geddes (Exit Humanity), Septic Man is the latest disgusting offering from the team behind the cream of the current wave of Canadian indie horror.
Genre: horror | Year: 2013 | Cert: 15 | Country: Canada
Language: English | Running Time: 83 minutes