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Sparrow / Gangster Payday double pack

Sparrow / Gangster Payday double pack

For a limited time only, get two DVDs for just £7 - crime drama SPARROW from master filmmaker Johnnie To and Hong Kong triad thriller GANGSTER PAYDAY starring Anthony Wong.


Two rival pickpocket gangs face-off on the streets of Hong Kong

Daily proceedings of a band of pick-pockets are disrupted by the sudden appearance of a beautiful and mysterious lady, who turns the tables on them. Following her trail, the pick-pockets are led to a face-off on the streets of Hong Kong with a rival pick-pocket gang, with both gangs vying for the possession of this enigmatic lady.

A comedy caper with comparisons to French New Wave work such as 'Umbrellas of Cherbourg', SPARROW has the stylish trademarks of a Johnnie To film, with a wonderful jazz-tinged soundtrack and a photographic blend of the nostalgic old Hong Kong and the modern sky-scraper city. Starring Simon Yam (Tomb Raider 3. Election), Lam Kar Tung (Election, Triangle, Vengeance) and Kelly Lin (Reign of Assassins).

Dir: Johnnie To

Cast:  Simon Yam, Kelly Lin, Lam Kar Tung, Lo Hoi Pang, Law Wing Cheong, Lam Suet

Runtime: 87 minutes

Language: Cantonese (English subtitles)

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 2008

Genre: Drama / romance

Rating: 15

Region: region 2



Bad habits die hard ...


When a retired Triad boss faces threats to his legitimate business from a property development scheme backed by a rival gang, he has no choice but to dive back into the violent Hong Kong underworld one last time.


Reunited with his former gang associates, they must settle old scores together and fight for what's theirs - can loyalty and honour still win the day?

Dir: Lee Po-Cheung

Cast: Anthony Wong, Charlene Choi

Runtime:  97 minutes

Language: Cantonese with English subtitles

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 2014

Genre: Crime drama

Rating: 15

Region: 2