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The Dragon's Snake Fist

The Dragon's Snake Fist

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Enter 'The Dragon' ...

Two highly acclaimed martial arts schools see their centuries-old rivalry explode in some of the best choreographed fight scenes ever filmed.

Kung fu masters from the Crane Fist School and Snake Fist School meet for a secret duel, with the loser forced into exile and forbidden from teaching their particular style of martial arts.

Many years after this supposed final showdown, bitter rivalries reignite and the opposing schools meet again, each vowing to destroy the other - this time for good.

Dir: Godfrey Ho, Kim Si-hyeon
Cast: Dragon Lee, Yuen Qiu, Bruce Lai
Runtime: 83 minutes
Language: English dubbed
Country: Hong Kong / South Korea
Year: 1979
Genre: Martial Arts
Rating: 15
Format: PAL
Region: region 0