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Delays to delivery of non-UK orders

Update: 26JAN23

We are now able to send International Tracked orders.

We can't send International Standard or International Economy orders just yet. This is small but good progress and Royal Mail apologise again for their service being out, which we would like to underline as well, that we are sorry that so many of you are having to wait this long to enjoy your films.


Update: 21JAN23

It would seem that we are close to getting normal service back.

Royal Mail have informed business customers that Northern Ireland customers can now resume printing labels and sending letters and parcels overseas.  But not yet for the rest of the UK.

This seems to us like they are testing their fixed system on a small set of customers first that is localised in one area should there by any physical issues its in a small area and can be contained. 

If you live outside of the UK and are waiting for your order, we hope that this means Monday or Tuesday of next week we can start to send parcels outside of the UK.

In the meantime, we are still packing orders so that they are ready to go.




The following is an important announcement from our shipping partner, Royal Mail. The implication being that if you are outside the UK and have ordered items, then deliveries of these will be delayed.

Apologies for this situation to everybody impacted. We will pack all the orders so that they are ready to be shipped once normal service resumes.

Announcement from Royal Mail:

Royal Mail is experiencing severe service disruption to our international export services following a cyber incident. We are temporarily unable to despatch items to overseas destinations.

From 19 00 hrs 13th January, we will be temporarily suspending all export services and ask that you hold any export mail items while we work to resolve the issue. Items that have already been despatched may be subject to delays. This means that you will not be able to generate any labels for items being exported.

We would like to sincerely apologise to impacted customers for any disruption this incident is causing.



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  • Masahiro Takeda

    Anyway when can we except outside of your country I mean any world of countries get the stuff what we have already ordered?

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