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Two rival pickpocket gangs face-off on the streets of Hong Kong

Daily proceedings of a band of pick-pockets are disrupted by the sudden appearance of a beautiful and mysterious lady, who turns the tables on them. Following her trail, the pick-pockets are led to a face-off on the streets of Hong Kong with a rival pick-pocket gang, with both gangs vying for the possession of this enigmatic lady.

A comedy caper with comparisons to French New Wave work such as 'Umbrellas of Cherbourg', SPARROW has the stylish trademarks of a Johnnie To film, with a wonderful jazz-tinged soundtrack and a photographic blend of the nostalgic old Hong Kong and the modern sky-scraper city. Starring Simon Yam (Tomb Raider 3. Election), Lam Kar Tung (Election, Triangle, Vengeance) and Kelly Lin (Reign of Assassins).

Dir: Johnnie To
Cast: Simon Yam, Kelly Lin, Lam Kar Tung, Lo Hoi Pang, Law Wing Cheong, Lam Suet
Runtime: 87 minutes
Language: Cantonese (English subtitles)
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2008
Genre: Drama / romance
Rating: 15
Region: region 2

Berlin Film Festival 2008: Nominated Golden Bear, Johnnie To
45th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2008: Best Cinematography Winner, Cheong Siu Keung
Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards 2008: Film of Merit Award Winner
Hong Kong Films Awards 2009: Best Director Nomination, Johnnie To, Best Actor Nomination, Simon Yam, Best Original Film Score Nomination
45th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2008: Best Original film score, Nomination, X. Jamaux/F. Avril
2008 Asia Pacific Screen Awards: Best Feature Film Nomination

What the press say:
“A love letter to Hong Kong” – Variety Magazine
“Johnnie To has hit a rich vein of form … a triumph of style” – Empire Magazine Online
“... elegance and grace … Simon Yam in a role that could easily have been filled by an Astaire or Kelly.” – TWITCHFILM.NET
“Captivatingly Bohemian-ish with a tinge of noir …” ★★★★ -