The Sinking of Japan

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In the aftermath of a major earthquake, oceanologists predict that the entire landmass of Japan will sink into the sea within a year owing to a major tectonic shift.

As massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis rock the country, increasingly frantic efforts are made to evacuate as many of the country's citizens as possible.

One scientist, Dr Tadokoro (Etsushi Toyokawa), comes up with a plan that could possibly save the country, but can it be implemented in time?


Director: Shinji Higuchi

Cast: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Ko Shibasaki (BATTLE ROYALE, ONE MISSED CALL), Etsushi Toyokawa (20th CENTURY BOYS), Jun Kunimura (KILL BILL)

Runtime: 135mins

Language: Japanese (with English subtitles)

Country: Japan

Year: 2006

Genre: Disaster Movie

Rating: 12

Format: PAL DVD