The Sword Identity

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Chinese period martial arts epic from the director of THE FINAL MASTER

During the Ming dynasty, four fighting schools must prove their worth in battle.

When Liang Henlu (Yang Song) tries to form a fifth school, the martial arts masters mistake his sword for a forbidden Japanese weapon and believe him to be a pirate.

After witnessing the power of the sword in combat, however, they begin to realise it could be the legendary weapon that was used by Liang's now deceased general to defeat the invading Japanese forces.

Liang must now face-off with the rest of the kung fu masters to earn the right and respect to establish his new school.

Director: Xu Haofeng (THE FINAL MASTER)

Cast: Yu Chenghui (JUDGE ARCHER), Song Yang(THE FINAL MASTER), Zhao YuanYuan (SWORD DYNASTY)    

Runtime: 110mins

Language: China (with English subtitles)

Country: Mandarin

Year: 2011

Genre: Martial Arts Action

Rating: 15

Format: PAL DVD