God of Gamblers (blu ray) Limited Edition slipcase version

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An 88Films blu ray release of the classic 1989 Hong Kong action comedy film (written and directed by Wong Jing) and with a star cast of Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Joey Wong and Sharla Cheung

Chow Yun Fat is Ko Chun the king of the casino, a talented player so cool and successful, he's been nicknamed 'The God of Gamblers'.

But that's before an unfortunate mishap, and a nasty head injury, leaves him with a major case of amnesia.

After being found and befriended by unscrupulous hustler 'Knife' (played by Andy Lau), Ko's unerring gambling talents remain intact and they don't go unnoticed by Knife, who plans to reap the benefit of his talents.

You can never run from your past though, and Ko Chun still has enemies who haven't forgotten him...

Special Features to be announced

Region: B

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