Farewell My Concubine (dual format DVD and blu ray)

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Chen Kaige's critically acclaimed epic spanning a 50-year relationship between two performers in the Peking Opera troupe.

One of the key films from this "fifth generation" of Chinese cinema (so called as the group of directors were the fifth generation of graduates from the Beijing Film Academy which included also Zhang Yimou)

The story follows Cheng Dieyi and Duan Xiaolou (Leslie Cheung and Zhang Fengyi) as they progress from a brutal stage academy as young children to the height of their art, before a seductive young woman comes between them and the Cultural Revolution intrudes upon both their professional and personal lives.

Director: Chen Kaige

Cast: Gong Li, Leslie Cheung, Zhang Fengyi, Lu Qi, Ying Da, Ge You, Li Chun, Lei Han, Tong Di, Ma Mingwei