Everything Everywhere All At Once (4k UHD blu ray)

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If you're looking for a metaphysical journey into the multi-verse, mixed with some female kung fu action, then watch EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE, ALL AT ONCE, with it's star cast of Michelle Yeoh (MAGNIFICENT WARRIORS), Ke Huy Quan (INDIANA JONES), Jamie Lee Curtis (HALLOWEEN) and Stephanie Hsu (SHANG-CHI, THE MONKEY KING).

Discover the magic of Asian cinema on the Terracotta store with this Everything Everywhere All At Once blu ray.


Michelle Yeoh stars as the owner of a laundrette business having a 'mid-life moment' with the pressures of marriage, running a business, being an immigrant mother trying to preserve traditional values in her family in the modern world and being a good daughter, all at once.

She unexpectedly discovers an ability to tap into various alternate realities of herself at a rather unexpected time, and everything suddenly changes when she has to use her martial arts skills to fight a danger that threatens every dimension.

Collect this multiple Oscar winning Everything Everywhere All At Once blu ray with beautiful artwork and slipcase and rewatch whenever you want.

Directors: ‎ Daniel Scheinert, Dan Kwan

Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ke Huy Quan, James Hong

Genre: Fantasy Action

Language: English (with excerpts in Mandarin, Cantonese)

Country: USA

Year: 2022

Runtime: 139 minutes

Everything Everywhere All At Once blu ray: 2 disc 4k UHD blu ray version

Region: All Region


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