Hana Bi (bluray)

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Takeshi Kitano directs, writes and stars in this thriller which won the Grand Prix at the Venice Film Festival

Monosyllabic detective Nishi (Kitano) leaves the force after his partner Horibe is seriously wounded and two colleagues are killed in pursuit of a gunman. Dedicating his life to caring for his terminally ill wife, as well as providing for the wheelchair-bound Horibe, Nishi accrues crippling debts. After robbing a bank to ease his financial worries, Nishi takes his wife on a final holiday, pursued by loan sharks and the police.

Bonus Features:

  • 30 minute documentary from the film's original release
  • Interview with Takeshi Kitano
  • Audio commentary by film critic Mark Schilling
  • New trailer

Director: Takeshi Kitano
Cast: Takeshi Kitano, Kayoko Kishimoto, Ren Osugi, Susumu Terajima
Language: Japanese (with English subtitles)
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Year: 1997
Certification: 18
Runtime: 103 minutes