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My Neighbour Totoro (dual format blu ray and DVD) standard edition

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Regular price €18,95

A Japanese animation film much loved by children and adults alike, with the iconic imagery of the Totoro figure becoming a mascot synonymous with Studio Ghibli.

Two young girls move to the country with their family to allow their sick mother to better recuperate. As they explore their surroundings, young Mei starts to believe that the nearby forest is inhabited by magical creatures. At first her sister Satsuki refuses to believe her, but before long the two girls are having magical adventures with the Totoros, the magical protectors of the forest.

Director: Hayao Miyazaki


Japanese voice cast: Noriko Hidaka (Satuski), Chika Sakamoto (Mei), Hitoshi Takagi (Totoro)

English voice cast: Dakota Fanning (Satsuki), Elle Fanning (Mei), Frank Welker (Totoro)

Region: 2/ B (dua format, 2 disc blu ray and DVD)

Language: Japanese (with English subtitles), English audio

Special Features:


Creating My Neighbour Totoro featurette

Creating the Characters featurette

The Totoro Experience

Producers Perspective

Creating Ghibli

The Locations of Totoro

Scoring Miyazaki

Behind the Microphone featurette

Textless Opening and Closing credits

Original Japanese theatrical Trailer more
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