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Tramontane, literally 'one who lives on the other side of the mountain', tells the story of Rabih, a blind musician searching for his true identity after discovering his identification card is a forgery. His search leads him to the far fringes of rural Lebanon, where he is confronted with varying recollections of the past from significant figures in his life.

Rabih represents a generation blinded by the civil war period who are struggling to repair the divisions that still exist in a post-conflict Lebanon.

An understated and lyrical debut from Vatche Boulghourjian brought alive by an outstanding natural debut from real-life blind musician Barakat Jabbour, whose performance makes for a truly immersive and affecting experience.


Winner, Grand Rail d'Or, Cannes Film Festival

Official Selection, London Film Festival


" Clever and engaging" – Cineuropa

 " Moving…intriguingly delves into the innumerable layers of deceit ” – Variety


 “ Magnetic screen presence ”– Hollywood reporter




Genre: Drama | Year: 2016 | Country: Lebanon

Language: Arabic with English subtitles | Running time: 105 minutes

Directed by Vatche Boulghourjian

Cast: Barakat Jabbour, Julia Kassar, Toufic Barakat more
1 Review