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Crawlspace (blu ray) Limited Edition slipcase version

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Regular price £16.99
Director: David Schmoeller
Cast: Klaus Kinski, Talia Balsam, Barbara Whinnery
Region: B

Preorder for: 12th August 2024 release date

Klaus Kinski stars in this horrifying and gruesome thriller as a crazed maniac who is obsessed with trapping young women and then slowly torturing them to death. Carl Guenther (Kinski) is a conscientious landlord who looks out for his young and attractive tenants. Jessica, a rising young soap star, Harriet, a sensuous and vivacious secretary and Sophie in accomplished pianist who enjoys wild fantasy sex with her boyfriend - all living in Karl’s well kept apartments. The only discord is the tap, tap, tap sound at night from the crawlspace above their rooms. Carl tells them it’s rats but in reality it’s something much, much worse…. Enter Crawlspace and enter a new dimension of terror! more
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