Crows Zero

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Takashi Miike directed Japanese high school fight action.

Battle for dominance between rival factions at a tough inner city high school.

Newly transferred into Suzuran Boys' High, known locally as 'The School of Crows', Genji Takaya (Shun Oguri) quickly sets out to impress both his classmates and his Yakuza father, Hideo (Gorô Kishitani), by showing that he's no pushover.

After defeating Ken Katagiri (Kyôsuke Yabe), who soon becomes his mentor in his bid for overall domination, Genji's standing in the school quickly rises, setting him on a collision course with current top-dog Tamao Serizawa (Takayuki Yamada).


Dir: Takashi Miike

Cast: Shun Oguri, Kyôsuke Yabe, Meisa Kuroki, Takayuki Yamada, Sansei Shiomi

Runtime: 130mins

Language: Japanese with English subtitles