Mulan (DVD)

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Watch the original Mulan story.

When the emperor issues a decree that all families in the Northern Province must unite to defend their homeland against the barbarian hordes, Hua Mulan (Zhao Wei), a young girl from a military family without a male heir, disguises herself as a male soldier in order to substitute her ailing father on the battlefield.

Whilst fighting for her country Mulan shows bravery to match even the toughest soldier, and as the war drags on she finds herself leading thousands into battle, sacrificing everything to defend her nation and bring honour to her family.

Director: Jingle Ma

Cast: Vicky Zhao Wei, Hu Jun, Chen Kun, Jaycee Chan

Genre: Martial arts epic

Language: Mandarin (with English subtitles)

Country: China

Year: 2009

Runtime: 107 minutes

Certification: 15


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