Shaolin Mantis (blu ray) Limited Edition collector slipcase version

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Directed by Lau Kar Leung, another golden age of Hong Kong martial arts cinema blu ray release from 88 Films.

When scholar Wei Fung (David Chiang) is hired by the Emperor to infiltrate a clan of rebellious Ming loyalists, his mission goes adrift when he falls in love the clan leader's granddaughter and his plans are discovered.

Also known as "The Deadly Mantis", Shaolin Mantis is another superlative entry for collectors of classic Shaw Brothers Studio kung fu (with a great collaborative pairing of Lau Kar Leung with David Chiang!).

Special Pre-order price of £13.99 if you order before the end of 14th March.


Director: Lau Kar Leung

Cast: David Chiang, Cecilia Wong Hang Sau, Lau Kar Wing, Lily Li, Norman Tsui Siu Keung, Gordon Liu

Genre: Kung fu action

Languages: Mandarin (with English subtitles), plus English audio track

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 1978

Runtime: 96 minutes

Region: B

Special Features:

  • Brand-new artwork from R.P. "Kung Fu Bob" O'Brien & Original Hong Kong poster artwork
  • 2.0 English Mono
  • 2.0 Mandarin Mono
  • Newly-translated English Subtitles
  • Audio commentary with Asian cinema experts Mike Leeder and Arne Venema
  • Audio commentary with Asian cinema experts Frank Djeng
  • Complicated Families - David West on Shaolin Mantis
  • Uncle Tien Chung - An Interview with John Cheung
  • US Trailer (The Deadly Mantis)
  • Hong Kong Trailer

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