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April Blu Ray Releases on the Terracotta Store
A round up of April's releases that you can pre-order on the Terracotta store. Click on the images or "find out more" to go to the films page or si...

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How Sammo Hung Mixed Crude Comedy and Authentic Martial Arts
Mixing comedy and kung fu – humour and violence – could be considered a strange idea, and some kung fu comedies work better than others. The two fi...

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Mr Vampire II, Mr Vampire III, Mr Vampire IV and Vampire vs Vampire in this blu ray boxset release from Eureka Entertainment. Mr Vampire sparked t...

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New Eureka Classics Standard Edition Blu-ray Releases for November
4 Kung Fu Classics from Director Joseph Kuo presented as part of the Eureka Classics range from 20 November 2023. Although his name may not be as i...

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