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Suzume Premiere in Los Angeles

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Suzume Premiere in Los Angeles

A guest post from a long-time Terracotta friend; actress, writer and producer, Loren Kinsella who attended the premiere of Suzume (Suzume No Tojimari) directed by the Makoto Shinkai (WEATHERING WITH YOU, YOUR NAME).


Last month, Los Angeles was invited to take part in the long awaited Red Carpet Premiere of Makato Shinkai’s Suzume at the David Geffen Theater. 

The event was an extraordinary evening that left audiences captivated and entranced. With its mesmerizing visuals, powerful performances, and a compelling narrative, Suzume proved to be a true cinematic masterpiece that surpassed all expectations.

From the moment the curtains rose at the prestigious venue, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation. The film, directed by a visionary filmmaker, seamlessly blended breathtaking cinematography with an evocative score that set the stage for an immersive journey into the world of Suzume. Every frame was meticulously crafted, showcasing stunning landscapes, vibrant colors, and meticulous attention to detail.

 suzume los angeles red carpet premiere courtesy of Crunchyroll


One of the film's greatest strengths was its ensemble cast, who delivered outstanding performances, bringing their characters to life with depth and authenticity. Each actor portrayed their roles with such conviction that it felt as if the audience was peeking into the characters' lives and emotions. The chemistry between the actors was palpable, further enhancing the film's emotional impact.


The narrative of Suzume was a beautifully woven tapestry, interlacing themes of love, loss, redemption, and the human condition. The story unfolded in a non-linear fashion, with flashbacks and interconnected plotlines that kept the audience engaged and intrigued. The screenplay was filled with poignant moments, clever dialogues, and thought-provoking symbolism, leaving a lasting impression on the viewers.


Furthermore, the film's production design was a visual feast, transporting the audience to different eras and locations with meticulous attention to detail. The costumes were exquisite, reflecting the characters' personalities and the cultural nuances of the settings. The seamless integration of visual effects added an extra layer of magic to the already mesmerizing world of Suzume.


The musical score of Suzume was a true highlight of the film. Created by the Japanese band Radwimps and composer Kazuma Jinnouchi. The music effortlessly captured the essence of each scene, enhancing the emotional impact and adding depth to the storytelling. The melodies were hauntingly beautiful, resonating with the audience long after the credits rolled.

As the film concluded, the premiere audience erupted into thunderous applause, standing ovations, and even a few teary-eyed viewers. Suzume had touched their hearts and souls, leaving a profound impact that is the hallmark of great cinema.


Following the screening, Makoto Shinkai charmed the audience with his good natured jokes and boyish ways., bringing with him a mock-up of the three legged chair for everyone to enjoy.


suzume three legged chair makoto shinkai

The premiere of Suzume in Los Angeles was a resounding success, showcasing the brilliance of the filmmaking craft. With its awe-inspiring visuals, exceptional performances, and a narrative that seamlessly weaves together emotions and storytelling, Suzume is undoubtedly destined to be remembered as a masterpiece of its time. It's an experience that will linger in the minds of audiences for years to come, leaving them yearning for more from the talented team behind this remarkable film.



Suzume is in cinemas in the UK now

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