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Martial Arts Hidden Gems to Stream on Netflix

With a month long lockdown and more time on our hands, Terracotta and Netflix have some of the best martial arts gems you need to watch. Check this comprehensive guide of what to watch over the coming weeks ahead.

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Film review - Red Light Revolution

A light hearted comedy about the taboos and conservatism around sex in China Red Light Revolution follows Shinzu (Zhao Jun), a down on his luck 30 something Beijinger. Having lost his job as a taxi driver, then discovering his wife cheating on him with a self-claimed thespian and because of that, having to move back into the family home, where his parents seem to enjoy each others’ company a bit more than Shinzu can deal with at this time. It’s fair to say, life isn’t going his way. However, a chance encounter with an old school friend is the silver...

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Film review - Monsoon

Sometimes you need to return home to know who you are. Kit (Golding - Crazy Rich Asians) has returned to Vietnam, some 30+ years later, to bury his mothers’ ashes. You learn, along with his family, he escaped at a young age to England.  Like many of his parents’ generation, the corruption of communist parties and other political events, which rippled through Vietnams’ society during the 70s-90s, meant many people had to leave with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.  This is what the story hinges on and plays through a man's discovery of self and where he...

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