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REVIEW - Black Cat (1991)

Luc Besson’s 1990 action thriller La Femme Nikita remains one of the most enduringly influential movies throughout the years and has spawned its fair share of remakes. Before any of those though, Hong Kong was first out of the gates to remake the material, with 1991’s Black Cat

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Legendary Weapons of China - Film Review

Invincible Asia unboxes and reviews the Gordon Liu, Lau Kar Leung, Alexander Fu Sheng, Kara Hui, Hsiao Ho classic, in this all packed into one legendary Shaw Brothers Studio production released by 88films on blu-ray. 

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How Sammo Hung Mixed Crude Comedy and Authentic Martial Arts

Mixing comedy and kung fu – humour and violence – could be considered a strange idea, and some kung fu comedies work better than others. The two films which popularised the genre, Snake in The Eagle’s Shadow (1978) and Drunken Master (1978), poked gentle fun at the kung fu itself and were amusing as a result. Others, like The Prodigal Son (1979) and The Magnificent Butcher (1981) – the former directed by Sammo Hung Kam Bo, the latter featuring Hung as an actor – simply intersperse full-on combat scenes with corny humour, and the jokes often detract from the action....

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Short Film - 90 Days

Writers and director Timothy Yeung and Yinuo Wang (who plays lead role, Li Jan) have created one young girl's quiet yet harrowing emotional journey, as she arrives in Hong Kong from China on a 90-day tourist visa. But during her time in HK she delves deeper into the underbelly of HK society

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Films Which Helped Define Hong Kong After 1997

Our friends Hong-Kong Blu-Ray curated a list of films which helped define the booming Hong-Kong cinema industry after the 1997 handover.

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