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Takeshi Kitano Sale Update

Takeshi Kitano Sale Update

Updates 16th March: all the Kitano sale orders have now been despatched (unless you've ordered a future release title). Thanks everyone for your patience these last couple of weeks!

Update 14th March: The top-up Kitano stock has arrived and so we will be packing remaining orders from the Kitano sale tonight and tomorrow!


Update 11th March: We have just been informed that any top up Kitano stock will be arriving now on Tuesday/ Wednesday of next week. We will make sure to process the backlog of orders immediately once they have come in.

This impacts anyone who has not yet received a shipping notification for orders containing Takeshi Kitano sale titles. This impacts orders from Order Number #6057 onwards; if your order number is after #6057, please refrain from emailing in if possible (and please try to keep it polite as well if you do write in!)

We again apologise for this delay to you receiving these amazing films and we hope that you have enough things to watch still (if not, then try our Streaming site if you are in the UK or Ireland).


Update 8th March: Another batch of Kitano Sale orders went out today. We are waiting for some more stock to come in on Wednesday/ Thursday and then we should be able to send out the rest of the Kitano Sale orders by the end of this week.


We are currently running a sale on selected Kitano blu rays.

This sale has been extremely popular and taken everyone by surprise - we were sold out before the end of day one of the sale!

As such, we experienced a backlog of orders to process, with the bottlenecks being a small team of staff as well as a mis-directed top up of stock that we ordered (this was sent to the wrong address and we only received this replenishment stock a week after we ordered it).

During this time, we weren't able to update you as we ourselves didn't know when stock would arrive and so did not want to mis-inform everyone and give the wrong expectation of delivery dates.

We are also film fans and consumers and understand what it's like to have to wait for an order, so when the stock arrived, we worked late into Friday night, and both days of the weekend to get stock packed and ready to go this morning.

Very happy to say that the majority of orders are now on their way to you and we have just a small backlog left to work through.

It has not been possible during this time to answer every query individually, so huge apologies from us for both the lateness of the delivery, and for the less than perfect communications.

We hope that you'll enjoy these Kitano films when you get them; some good news to share - we are now in the process of shipping FUNKY FOREST so most of you will get this before release date!

As always, thank you all for your support of our store!

warmest regards


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