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5 Must Watch Hong Kong Chinese New Year Movies

5 Must Watch Hong Kong Chinese New Year Movies

Sen Nin Fai Lok - Happy New Year!
Gung Hay Fat Choy - Wish you prosperity and wealth!

Today is Lunar New Year! So why not spend some quality time with friends and relatives, watching the best festive comedy movies! 

These 5 classic Hong Kong movies will keep you entertained all day. 

All’s Well, Ends Well (1992)

One of the most iconic Hong Kong CNY romcoms series started with this film. With a cast of Hong Kong superstars, including; Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung and Stephen Chow. Watch the trailer to find out what happens in this funny, touching and ridiculous events comedy.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World (1987)

A comedy of errors, which see's a down and out family, go from rags-to-riches back to rags again. The films touches on working class life, political and social issues in 80s and 90s’ Hong Kong which resonate with many Hong-Kongese. Stars the legendary Bill Tung Biu.


Fight Back to School 3 (1993)

Stephen Chow’s movies are always good for a laugh. This is the third chapter of “Fight Back to School”, which was released on CNY 1993. Chow plays an undercover cop, whilst pretending to be the husband of rich socialite, Anita Mui, in order to investigate a murder case. Don't expect CSI HK, this is Stephen Chow.

Fat Choi Spirit (2002)

It's no secret Hong Kong people love playing Mahjong when visiting friends and relatives. The ever talented Andy Lau, plays a Mahjong expert player who is hit with a streak of bad luck and lose of wealth due to a curse from his ex-girlfriend. Can he overcome his slump and become “fat choi” (prosperous) again?

My Lucky Star (2003)

My Lucky Star

This is Golden Harvests last film! A New Year tradition is to ask a Feng-Shui masters about their luck in the coming year. Miriam Yeung plays an optimistic girl whose always down on her luck and hopes with the help of Feng-Shui expert, Tony Leung, things will change. A truth revels itself of their pre-existence life and the two are faced in a Feng-Shui battle.

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Written by Huiyan Leung

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