Korean films

Korean films, Korean movies. 

Korean dramas and Korean horror have dominated the Korean film exports that we have seen in the west over the last 20 years, with the rise of the Korean Wave (hallyu).

Away from the glitz and polished glamour of the world of K-pop, discover another side to Korea with films from Kim Ki-duk (3-IRON, SPRING SUMMER AUTUMN WINTER...AND SPRING AGAIN) often described as the enfant terrible of Korean cinema. 

His debut film, CROCODILE, is not often discussed, or seen, and is available on our store both as a single film, and as part of a 2-film boxset along with his introspective doc, ARIRANG, a film-makers equivalent of a "selfie".

Of course, if it's happy, smiley, good looking Korean men and Korean actresses you like, and a fun movie, then PETTY ROMANCE might be the film for you.