Bluray Release Schedule

Bluray Release schedule UK


 Month Label Film Status
Oct-23 88Films Battle Creek Brawl 23rd
88Films The Medallion 23rd
88Films The Magic Crystal 23rd
BFI Three Films Yasujiro Boxset
Eureka Entertainment Beach of the War Gods 23rd
Eureka Entertainment From Beijing With Love 23rd
Radiance Films Visible Secret 23rd
Third Window Films Door 30th Stock replenishment 4th Dec
Nov-23 88Films The Long Arm of the Law (27th)  Shipped
Eureka Entertainment Royal Tramp Collection 13th
Eureka Entertainment Jet Li Heroes and Villains boxset 20th
Eureka Entertainment Fearless Shaolin 20th
Eureka Entertainment Deadly Masters 20th
Third Window Films Typhoon Club 27th Now Shipping
88Films Last Hero in China 27th Shipped
Dec-23 88Films The Inspector Wears Skirts 4th


Now Shipping

88Films The Blue Jeans Monster 4th Now Shipping
Third Window Films The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 4th stock arrived
Third Window Films School in the Crosshairs 4th stock arrived
Eureka Entertainment Casino Raiders 4th Now Shipping
Eureka Entertainment The Fall of Ako Castle 4th Now Shipping
Eureka Entertainment Police Story Trilogy 4k std ed. 4th  Now Shipping
Radiance Films Elegant Beast 18th
Jan-24 Eureka Entertainment Samurai Wolf I & II 22nd
Eureka Entertainment When Taekwondo Strikes 22nd
Eureka Entertainment Kung Fu Cult Master 29th
Radiance Films I,The Executioner 29th
  Third Window Films Mad Cats 29th
Feb-24 Third Window Films River
Eureka Entertainment Yakuza Wolf 1 and 2 19th
Eureka Entertainment Slaughter in San Francisco 19th
Radiance Films By A Man's Face You Shall Know Him 26th
88Films So Close 26th
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