Advanced notice of holiday dates

Advanced notice of holiday dates

We will be on holiday mode from Friday 21st July and back on Thursday 3rd August


How does this affect me?

  • During this time we'll have a skeleton service for shipping and customer service.
  • PLEASE get your orders in now so that we can ship them in time for you.

Cut off times:

all orders up to Monday 17th July, we will aim to ship by Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th July (provided they don't have pre-orders).

Orders made AFTER Monday 17th July will likely take a little bit longer to ship, and in some cases, possibly on Thursday 3rd August.

What about pre-orders?

  • For FIGHT BACK TO SCHOOL, the date might move from the 31st July date, and separate arrangements will be made to ensure those are shipped on time if the release date goes ahead.


Why does your holiday have to impact me?

We are a small independent Asian cinema store, which has all the benefits of having good relationships with our customers, keeping orders well-packed and curating quality titles on our store.

Does mean though, when we take a break to recharge, that we have less cover than larger companies. So we'd like to thank you for your understanding and continued support!

We hope that you all will have a wonderful summer!

Team Terracotta


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