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Funky Forest Blu Ray Release

Funky Forest Blu Ray Release

Cult Japanese movie, Funky Forest arrives on blu ray! 

Released by Third Window Films this week, along with the Funky Forest sequel, The Warped Forest, the preparations for the release has been a labour of love. You can read about the work that went into this release, here.

The film stars an all-star cast of famous Japanese actors (Tadanobu Asano, Fumi Nikaido, Rinko Kikuchi, Ryo Kase, Susumu Terajima to name a few) in a medley of short-films, some absurdist, some mind-meltingly bizarre, all centred around the dating experience of three losers at a co-ed picnic.

Check out the Funky Forest trailer and visit the film page to find out more.

You can also watch Funky Forest and Warped Forest online on the Terracotta streaming site.

This will be the most bizarre film that you will watch this year!


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