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New Releases to Terracotta's VOD Service

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New Releases to Terracotta's VOD Service

We're really excited to start the New Year with these new titles on our streaming service. It has only been running a few months, but we've got a lot attention during lockdown, so we are grateful to you for streaming from us and supporting independent platforms. 
We have some big plans for 2021 and equally, we have some big titles to add throughout 2021. So definitely stay tuned.

Lion Rock - (Hong Kong / 2019)

In 2011, Lai Chi-wai - one of the top rock climbers in Asia - lost everything when a motorcycle accident took away his ability to walk. Rather than succumbing to his fate, Lai found his own way of scaling those dizzying peaks again. With his second feature, Nick Leung offers a remarkable change of pace, eschewing the macabre humour of his debut Get Outta Here for an inspiring and touching tale about how a human being overcomes adversity. Featuring a career-best performance from Alex Lam as the wheelchair-bound athlete, this incredible fact-based story is a rousing tribute to Hong Kong's never-say-die spirit.

Director: Nick Leung
Cast: Alex Tak-Shun Lam, Michelle Wai, Kevin Kam-Yin Chu  
Language: Cantonese w/ English subs
Genre: Drama

When I Get Home, My Wife Always Pretends to be Dead (Japan / 2018)

After failing his first marriage and with the 3 year anniversary of his second to Chie approaches, salary man Jun, returns home to find his wife dead...well, he finds her 'dead' on multiple occasions. Through her eccentric and staged performances, he continual asks why and even plays along, never quite getting an answer. Its ultimately a light-hearted look at relationships and how we deal with them, when we sometimes struggle to understand our other half.

Director: Toshio Lee 
Cast: Nana Eikura, Ken Yasuda, Ryôhei Ohtani  
Language: Japanese w/ English subs
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Bad Genius (Thailand / 2017)

Lynn is a straight-A student, who starts a business helping her classmates pass exams for cash. As her business booms and the money starts to flood in thick and fast, pressure mounts as some students want her to sit an international standardised test, so they can enrol in the world’s leading universities. But is Lynn really ready for this kind of pressure?

Director: Nattawut Poonpiriya 
Cast: Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Eisaya Hosuwan, Teeradon Supapunpinyo 
Language: Thai & English w/ English subs
Genre: Drama 

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