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RED CLIFF (2008) directed by John Woo blu ray added to the Terracotta store

RED CLIFF (2008) directed by John Woo blu ray added to the Terracotta store


Directed by the legendary John Woo, Red Cliff (2008) is a sweeping historical epic that unfolds against the backdrop of the tumultuous Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. This visually stunning film recounts the legendary Battle of Red Cliffs, a pivotal moment in Chinese history. As warlords converge on the strategically vital Red Cliff, alliances form and betrayals loom, setting the stage for an unparalleled cinematic spectacle.


Red Cliff (2008)


Woo's masterful storytelling in the RED CLIFF movie and dynamic cinematography bring to life a tapestry of intricate characters, strategic brilliance, and breath-taking battles.

With a stellar ensemble cast, including Tony Leung (INFERNAL AFFAIRS, HAPPY TOGETHER), Takeshi Kaneshiro (CHUNGKING EXPRESS), and Zhang Fengyi (FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE), the film balances grand scale warfare with intimate character arcs.


Red Cliff (2008) directed by John Woo historical battle epic


RED CLIFF seamlessly blends martial arts prowess, political intrigue, and emotional depth, making it a must-watch for enthusiasts of historical dramas and action epics.

Newly added to the Terracotta store, get the RED CLIFF movie on blu ray, witness the clash of empires and the artistry of John Woo, as history unfolds in stunning high definition. Order now on the Terracotta store and bring home a piece of cinematic brilliance that transcends time and culture.

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