Shipping update September 2023

Shipping update September 2023

Due to staff illness, warehouse moves at two of our suppliers, release date changes and many new releases scheduled on similar dates, we would like to apologise for the slowness of shipping orders this month.

Here is the latest status which will be updated regularly:

last updated 26th September 2023



Pre-orders made in March and April have been shipped out (provided your order does not contain other pre-orders that are not out yet).

We will aim to have May - September orders out this week, hoping the last of the orders by Saturday, latest.

We aren't taking more orders for this title at the moment, we are out of stock but looking to get more copies.

update 26th Sep: stock arrived today. Shipping some back orders today, and the rest TOMORROW 

update 22nd Sep: More stock on it's way! Should arrive by Monday 25th.

update 17th Sep: Remaining Twin Dragons packed and shipping tomorrow (including orders with Twin Dragons + She Shoots Straight)

EXCEPT orders with other preorders or with FIGHT BACK TO SCHOOL



Stock arrived yesterday. Will be packing to ship some on Saturday, and working the weekend to pack and ship the majority on Monday (provided your order does not contain other pre-orders that are not out yet).

This might be sooner, please check this page for any updates.

 update 17th Sep: All She Shoots Straight packed and shipping tomorrow EXCEPT for orders that have future releases.



Stock arrived. We will be shipping these next week

update 17th Sep: some are packed and ready to ship tomorrow, the rest will be packed through the course of this coming week.



Stock not arrived. We anticipate these to arrive next week.

Update 26th Sep: Stock arrived, picking and packing orders today that do not have pre-orders.



Release date tbc - will find out more.

 Update 26th Sep: Release date is unknown still but likely to be November (confirmed with the label).



All Kamikaze Girls orders placed prior to Tuesday 12th have been shipped out.



Shipped the a batch of Fight Back to School boxsets last month and waiting for more stock this month in order to ship the rest of the preorders. This also impacts orders that contains FBTS as well as TWIN DRAGONS.

update 26th Sep: More stock arrived for FBTS, will be shipping any outstanding orders TOMORROW

update 22nd Sep: More stock on it's way! Should arrive by Monday 25th.

update 17th Sep: stock is on it's way to us.

 update 18th Sep: stock arrived, but not our full allocation. Will be shipping orders tomorrow. If you have ordered a FBTS without a future release in your order and you don't get a shipping notification by end of tomorrow, please bear with us, we are waiting for another tranche of stock (apologies for the wait!).


This backlog impacts general orders that don't have pre-orders; we are working on roughly 4 days turnaround for orders placed this week.

Please also bear in mind we spend time bubble wrapping each order and in some cases, adding extra padding as well to protect the corners.

So whilst we might be slower to ship than some other sites, our "damaged on delivery" rate is much much lower than everyone else!


PIease try not to email us during this time about your order if possible, so that we can focus on packing orders rather than answering emails (and if you do wish to mail us, please refrain from using rude language, we are doing the best we can already, and working extra shifts).

Sorry again for the wait to get your films (hopefully you've got enough Asian films to watch for now, and you're not staring at your TV like this poor lady...).



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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you do much for your great service! I recently ordered She Shoots Straight, The Last Blood, The Guard From Underground and Twin Dragons. All arrived perfectly and promptly. It saddens me to see you having to ask people to refrain from being rude when they contact you. It’s unfortunate that some physical media collectors seem to act entitled and toxic (just look at the comments on Facebook when Arrow make their monthly announcement). However I just wanted to take the time to say I think you do a great job, I’ve been using you for a good while now, and will continue to do so. Thanks for all you efforts!

Rob Hall

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