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Band Four Special Screening at Home Mcr

Band Four Special Screening at Home Mcr

We were very fortunate to have been asked to go along to the pre-release screening of Band Four, the new film from Hong Kong director  Mo Lai Yan Chi and producer Teddy Robin. It will have a UK wide release 15th December 2023, with two pre screening dates in Manchester and London.

Terracotta attended the Manchester screening at HOME, a unique cultural centre in the heart of Manchester city, where you can find more independent and world cinema as well as theatre pefemances and a great place to eat, drink and socialize.

Home Mcr Cinema

It was a well attended event, with what looked like capacity of 3/4 of the seating of screen 2 (which is a large auditorium), so a massive congratulations to Sophie and Megan from Central City Media, Band Fours distributor, for putting it on.

The event was hosted by Youtuber & influencer Zonjai and Sophie, who introduced the film. Giving us a brief insight into film before the lights went down and we settled into our seats and watched the film.

Home Mcr Cinema

 So, a brief synopsis of the film is a dysfunctional family having to come together, as each member is going through there own personal struggles and how music is a connecting art/ spiritual force which could potentially bring them together or break them. On a deeper level, the film deals with generational anxieties, mental health and both personal and social identity. Its starts a little slow and is somewhat comedic at times, but there is a switch in the film which puts the pieces to the puzzle together and the film instantly becomes stronger in story and character and definitely worth watching. 

Home Mcr Cinema - Band Four

After the film, the director Mo Lai Yan Chi and producer Teddy Robin (who stars in the film, as the estranged dad) did a 30-minute Q&A with the audience, giving us, the audience, some beautiful insights into the making and symbolism of the film.


Thanks again to Central City Media for the invite. In UK cinemas 15th Dec

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