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Chinese Independent Film Archive Launch Event

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Chinese Independent Film Archive Launch Event

To mark the launch of the new Chinese Independent Film Archive website, CIFA have curated three events. There's no registration and its open to all.

I See the World Through the Lens of My Camera
5th December - 1pm London GMT (8am New York, 9am Beijing) 

Photography Exhibition by Norman A. Spencer with a Q&A with Norman Spencer & Chris Berry  

Li Xianting - Norman Spencer Photography

Professor Norman Spencer has the knack of being in the right place at the right time – and with a camera. His candid photos capture moments like the opening of the First Unrestricted New Image Festival at Beijing Film Academy in 2001, Jia Zhangke on the set for 24 City, Ying Liang’s appearance at the Lincoln Society in New York, Mian Mian’s Shanghai parties, and the opening of the First Chinese Gay and Lesbian Film Festival at Beijing University in 2001. 

Wu Wenguang - Norman Spencer Photography

Get access to this event via Zoom Link:
Zoom Meeting ID: 829 0794 5007

The other launch events include the screening of The Crack (dir. Li Wake, 2000), restored by CIFA, and Q&A with the filmmaker on 19 December 2020; and the Launch of CIFA Columns and Q&A with four columnists Bao Hongwei, Wang Xiaolu, Wu Wenguang and Zhu Rikun, on 16 January 2021.

Also, CIFA has a new YouTube channel, which promises to upload films from their collection, which will also include footage from the archive’s interviews with key figures in independent cinema, and recordings of events.


CIFA is dedicated to the preservation of and access to Chinese independent film culture. It holds a large and rare collection of films and footage, their associated material culture, existing publications, oral history interviews, among others. CIFA is established with the help of a research grant from UK Arts and Humanities Research Council and operating with the support of Newcastle University. Its website functions as a window onto the collections in the archive and a platform to showcase CIFA’s regular activities including publications, exhibitions and events.  

For more information contact CIFA below

Chinese Independent Film Archive
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

Tel: (+44) 0191 208 3432

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