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KOFIC Launches ‘Independent Film Library’ Streaming Service

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KOFIC Launches ‘Independent Film Library’ Streaming Service

The Independent Film Library, is a new public streaming platform for independent and arthouse films, available on*.

Having launched in January, the service offers a range of 70 titles, which will rotate during curated selections.

The service and the website were established by the Korean Film Council Chairman, KIM Young-jin and are operated by the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video. The platform is intended to diversify the distribution of independent and artistic movies and to establish an organic support system that integrates online and offline markets.

The Indieground website was initially established late 2020, as an independent film distribution support centre, to improve the environment for creating and distributing Korean independent films. 

The plan is to develop both, Indieground and the Independent Film Library on an annual basis in order for them to maintain a position as an online hub to promote Korean independent film distribution.

*The website is in Korean language.


KOFIC was launched in 1973 as the Korean Motion Picture Promotion Corporation (KMPPC) the organization later changed its name to Korean Film Council in 2004.

KOFIC's primary objective is to promote and support the production of Korean films through funding, research, education and training and help to promote and support Korean films both in Korea and abroad.

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