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Short Film - 90 Days

Hong Kong Cinema, Short Film -

Short Film - 90 Days

Li Jan is a young woman from China who arrives in Hong Kong on a 90-day tourist visa. But during her time, she doesn't plan on visiting the sights and sounds of the city. Instead, she plans on working -- and she decides to earn the most amount of money that she can by working in underground motels.

When she arrives, she wants to make a phone call, but the phone booth is broken. As she is drawn into her temporary new life, guided by a "groom" named Tat, she keeps trying to make her call. But as she delves deeper into the netherworld of Hong Kong, it becomes seemingly harder to reach out.

Writer-director Timothy Yeung's powerful short drama -- also co-written by Yinuo Wang, who stars in the main role -- manages to combine one young girl's quiet yet harrowing emotional journey with a skillfully subtle yet memorable portrayal of a hidden world.

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