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Knockabout (Blu-ray) standard version

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Eureka Entertainment release another kung fu comedy classic directed by Sammo Hung (The Millionaires’ Express) on limited edition blu ray.

Knockabout features a cast of martial arts movie legends including Yuen Biao (The Prodigal Son, Dragons Forever), Bryan “Beardy” Leung Kar Yan (Warriors Two), and Lau Kar Wing (Odd Couple) alongside Sammo himself.

Brothers Yipao (Yuen Biao) and Taipao (Leung Kar Yan) are a couple of down on their luck conmen. After getting soundly defeated by the kung fu master, Silver Fox (Lau Kar Wing), the brothers realise it would be in their own self-interest if they learn how to fight, and they ask him to train them.

Unfortunately, their new master is actually a ruthless killer, and when the brothers realise this, one of them is murdered. To get revenge, the surviving brother must learn a unique form of kung fu from an unlikely source, a beggar who just happens to be a master fighter!

Featuring one of the greatest action finales in the history of Hong Kong cinema, Knockabout is yet another classic of martial arts filmmaking from the legendary Sammo Hung, and Eureka Classics is proud to present the film in its UK debut on Blu-ray from a brand new 2K restoration.

Director: Sammo Hung

Cast: Sammo Hung, Yuen Bio, Lau Kar Wing, Leung Kar Yan

Genre: Kung Fu

Language: Cantonese (with English subtitles)

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 1979

Runtime: 104 minutes

Region: B

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1



  • Reversible sleeve design featuring original poster artwork
  • Two versions of the film presented in 1080p on Blu-ray from 2K restorations (Original HK Theatrical cut and the shorter Export Cut)
  • Original Cantonese mono audio
  • Optional English dubbed audio
  • Optional English Subtitles, newly translated for this release
  • Brand new feature length audio commentary by Asian film expert Frank Djeng (NY Asian Film Festival)
  • Brand new feature length audio commentary by action cinema experts Mike Leeder & Arne Venema
  • Archival interview with Sammo Hung
  • Archival interview with Bryan “Beardy” Leung Kar-yan
  • Archival interview with Grandmaster Chan Sau Chang (aka The Monkey King), a master of Monkey Style kung fu
  • Archival interview with Grandmaster Chan Sau Chang (aka The Monkey King), a master of Monkey Style kung fu
  • Trailers more
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