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The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (Blu-ray) standard version

The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (Blu-ray) standard version

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Label: 88FILMS

Although made when the mighty Shaw Brothers studio were stepping away from film production, Eight Diagram Pole Fighter shows they had plenty of fight left in them: indeed, it's one of the best films they ever produced.

It's based on a story from Chinese history: a heroic general is betrayed on the battlefield. He and five of his sons are killed, but two of his sons are able to escape. Haunted by what happened to their father and brothers they begin to think of revenge but they will have to tread with care. The traitor and his troops are on their tail, and he means to finish the job he started.

Tragically, co-star Alexander Fu Sheng (Heroes Shed No Tears, The Brave Archer) died in a car accident mid-way through filming. But under the careful hands of master filmmaker Lau Kar Leung (The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Drunken Master 2), the finished film is a worthy tribute to this great star. 

Director: Lau Kar Leung

Cast: Gordon Liu, Fu Sheng, Lily Li

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 1984

Genre: Kung Fu


  • Restored HD Master in 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Uncompressed English Dub Soundtrack
  • Uncompressed Original Cantonese Soundtrack with newly translated English Subtitles
  • Audio Commentary by Genre Cinema expert Scott Harrison
  • Reversible sleeve with newly commissioned Artwork by "Kung Fu Bob" O'Brien and rare Original poster artwork


  • Region Code: B
  • Audio: DTS-HD MA Dual Mono
  • Picture: HD 1080p 2.35:1
  • Runtime: 97 mins approx
  • Language: English / Chinese
  • Subtitles: English
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