The Inspector Wears Skirts (bluray) Limited Edition slipcase version

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THE INSPECTOR WEARS SKIRTS (1988) is the first in a series of THE INSPECTOR WEARS SKIRTS series, and they are spin-offs from the LUCKY STARS series, featuring Madam Wu (Sibelle Hu). The film is produced by Jackie Chan and features the Jackie Chan stunt team and with Kara Hui and Cynthia Rothrock in the cast as well, you know you are in for a some of the best female-led martial arts action.

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A team of high-kicking female super cops prove themselves a match for any man alive as they tackle foes from terrorists to jewel thieves. Action icon Jackie Chan put together a supreme team of lethal ladies including Shaw Brothers icon Wai Yin-hung (‘My Young Auntie’) and American martial arts star Cynthia Rothrock (‘China O’Brien’). The action scenes for these beauties on the beat are delivered by Jackie’s own stunt team, who also co-star in the film.

THE INSPECTOR WEARS SKIRTS is directed by Wellson Chin who blends slapstick comedy with high impact action to deliver more fun than should be lawful!

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