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Whispering Corridors (DVD) Tartan Asia Extreme

Whispering Corridors (DVD) Tartan Asia Extreme

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Director: Park Ki-hyung

Cast: Choi Kang-hee, Lee Mi-yeon, Kim Kyu-ree


Label: Tartan Asia Extreme

WHISPERING CORRIDORS (1998) is a chilling Asian horror film that takes audiences on a terrifying journey through the haunting halls of an all-girls high school in South Korea. This iconic Korean film is the first instalment in the acclaimed Whispering Corridors franchise, which has since become a beloved staple of the Asian horror genre, with many of these actresses going on to become stars later on.

The story revolves around a series of mysterious and eerie events that unfold after the tragic death of a teacher. Students soon begin to encounter ghostly apparitions and unsettling secrets hidden within the school's dark past.

With its masterful blend of suspense, psychological terror, and supernatural elements, Whispering Corridors creates an atmosphere of dread and unease that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Director Park Ki-hyung expertly crafts a tale of high school anxieties and societal pressures, intertwining them with the horrors of the unknown.

WHISPERING CORRIDORS stands as a classic example of Asian horror film craftsmanship, offering a chilling exploration of the supernatural and the dark complexities of human nature. Fans of the genre will find this film to be a must-watch for its eerie, haunting story and captivating performances.

Region: 2

Special Features:

  • Asia Extreme Trailer Reel
  • Justin Bowyer Film Notes



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