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Hard Boiled 2: The Last Blood (blu ray) Limited Edition slipcase version

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Despite not really being a sequel to the Hong Kong action classic HARD BOILED (and not even starring Chow Yun Fat) this is still a great Hong Kong 1990's action film starring Alan Tam and Andy Lau.

A police vs terrorists story that spans Tibet, Hong Kong and Singapore,  The original title being THE LAST BLOOD which was renamed to HARD BOILED 2: THE LAST BLOOD when it was first distributed in the UK.

When the Daka Lama is injured in a terrorist attack and needs a blood transfusion, it's revealed that he has a rare blood type and so does one of the other victims in the attack, the girlfriend of a low-level gangster played by Alan Tam.

And so the race is on for 'the last blood'... 

Director: Wong Jing

Cast: Alan Tam, Andy Lau, Bryan 'Beardy' Leung Kar Yan, Eric Tsang, May Lo Mei Mei

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