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New Releases from Eureka Videos

December will be an amazing month for new releases, as Eureka Entertainment have announced 3 amazing titles from Hong Kong and Japan.

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Film Review: Beach of the War Gods (1973) by Jimmy Wang Yu

Those less familiar with the Wuxia genre would perhaps be unaware of just how big a star Jimmy Wang-Yu was in the years prior to Bruce Lee’s emergence. With Eureka Entertainment releasing a 50th anniversary edition of his fabled “”, it’s a good a time as any to revisit his legacy.

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88 Films -

The Long Arm of the Law delay

The Long Arm of The Law (1984) 88Films Deluxe Collector Edition release delays

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John Woo's ‘Silent Night' set for December Release

John Woo's gritty revenge tale is his first American film in 20 years since 2003's Paycheck

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Directors Company - The 80's Japanese Production Company

Third Window Films are happy present the start of a series focusing on the amazing 80's Japanese production company, the DIRECTOR'S COMPANY! The first 3 releases: Kiyoshi Kurosawa's The Guard from Underground (地獄の警備員 ) - Sept 25 Before becoming one of Japan’s most well-known horror directors through films like Cure, Pulse and Creepy, Kiyoshi Kurosawa started off his career in horror with 1992’s The Guard from Underground, the final film of the ‘Directors Company’. Kiyoshi Kurosawa here fashions a dark tale that is both a sharp satire of corporate life and a B-movie thriller. A former sumo wrestler now working...

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