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Shocktober - Most Violent Scenes in Asian Cinema

The fact that this video is age restricted says a lot about the contents, which means its definitely worth the watch. Don't think you can top Asian cinema when it comes to violent death scenes, they just hit differently. Checkout our weekly Shocktober sale throughout October (duh!) for some jaw-dropping, eye bulging, neck breaking sale prices. 

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10 Great Movies Featuring Lee Jung-jae

Despite becoming famous on an international level just recently, though the huge success of “Squid Game” which also just netted him an Emmy,  has actually been popular in S. Korea for decades

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30 Fun Facts And Hidden Clues About Squid Game

The ending of “Squid Game” was teased throughout the season. Here are all of the facts and cues you may have missed along the road. Fans discovered that there were several hidden clues and elements pointing to the twist throughout the nine episodes. Here we bring you a rundown of everything you could have missed.

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Righting Wrongs 88films blu ray boxset

Righting Wrongs delayed release date.

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Royal Mail strike shipping impact on the Terracotta store

Update 24th August 2022:  All UK orders shipped out today had a complimentary upgrade to First Class so that you will receive the orders tomorrow before the strike starts (and in time for the Bank Holiday weekend).   Original Post 21st August 2022: There will be a strike held by workers of Royal Mail (the UK postal service) on these dates: • Friday 26 August 2022 • Wednesday 31 August 2022 • Thursday 8 September 2022 • Friday 9 September 2022 We will be aiming to pack all orders to ship items in time and work around the above dates....

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