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Where is my order?

dragons forever


So you've placed an order, can't wait to unbox and watch your Asian films, but you're sat there waiting and wondering "where is my order"?

Use the below guide to see this helps answer your question.


 1. Does your order contain a pre-release title?

Please check the page of the film(s) you've ordered.

If it has not been released yet (a.k.a pre-order), the release date will be at the top of the page in bold red writing.

We typically get the stock a week before release.

If your order contains a mixture of pre-orders and films that are out already, we will ship everything in one go (this is because we have only charged you once for shipping and we would be paying more than once if we split shipments).


2. You received a despatch notification by email and/or SMS but you've waited a while and the parcel still hasn't arrived.

If you selected a Tracked service at checkout for your order, then please check the Tracking url.

If you did not select a Tracked service then depending on where you are in the world, and what service you selected, these are the general guidelines for when your parcel should arrive:


  • UK - 2 working days after despatch notice
  • Europe Economy: 10 working days after despatch notice
  • Europe Standard: 5 - 7 working days after despatch notice
  • Outside of Europe Economy: 14 to 21 days after despatch notice
  • Outside of Europe Standard: 7 - 14 days after despatch notice


If you have waited longer than this duration, OR if your tracked parcel hasn't had a status update for a number of days, please email:

with your order number and we will aim to help as best as we can.


3. You've ordered titles that are in stock OR it is now past the pre-order release date, but not had a shipping notification yet.

Please check our homepage announcement bar or our News section which normally has status updates on shipping

or email: with your order number.


We will hopefully be able to solve your issue and get your films to you to watch as soon as possible!