The Long Arm of the Law (blu ray) Deluxe Collector Edition boxset

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Long Arm Of the Law (1984) and it's sequel Long Arm Of the Law: Part 2 (1987) in one blu ray boxset released by 88films.

Seeding the roots for CITY ON FIRE and Tarantino's RESERVOIR DOGS, Johnny Mak's film about a diamond store heist by a band of mainland Chinese robbers, on a score in Hong Kong, killing a policeman in the process, and laying low to avoid the heat.

In Long of the Law: Part 2, written by Tsui Hark and directed by Johnny Mak's brother, Michael Mak, a crime-wave hits Hong Kong with suspected Chinese mainland gangs infiltrating the territory being the cause, and the Hong Kong police force send in three undercover officers into the gangs.

Directors: Johnny Mak Tong-Hung/ Michael Mak Tong-Kit

Cast: Lam Wai, Wong Kin, Chiang Lung

Genre: Crime Drama

Language: Cantonese with English subs

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 1984 /1987

Technical Specifications:

Region: A & B

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