"Funky Forest: The First Contact" - A Hilarious and Absurd Dive into Japanese Cinema

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"Funky Forest: The First Contact" - A Hilarious and Absurd Dive into Japanese Cinema

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"Funky Forest: The First Contact" is an extraordinary filmic journey unlike any other. A love child of three critically acclaimed directors - Katsuhito Ishii, Shunichiro Miki, and Hajime Ishimine (pictured above, recording the special features for the Third Window Film blu ray release) - the film masterfully intertwines comedy, absurdity, and cult elements into an unforgettable cinematic experience.

The story orbits around three unassuming brothers - Masaichi, Masaru, and Masao. Their pervasive unpopularity among the fairer sex frames their comedic exploits, which reach an unexpected zenith when they finally secure an opportunity for a co-ed picnic with a group of attractive young women. But as one might suspect, nothing is as straightforward as it seems in this funky forest.

"Funky Forest: The First Contact" dances gleefully along the blurred line between reality and surreality with its 21 free-associative episodes. From an outlandishly hilarious "sci-fi" narrative to a daydream turned epic dance-battle, the film challenges the viewer's mind and reduces logic to a melted puddle of absurdity.


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The film takes its audiences on a whimsical roller-coaster ride through the bizarre landscapes of its creators' minds. The episodes aren't your typical cohesive narratives; instead, they tumble together like a set of psychedelic dominos, each scene upstaging the last with its absurdity. This bold storytelling approach sets "Funky Forest" apart as an eccentric gem in the pantheon of Japanese cinema.

The star-studded cast further adds layers to the film's comedic flair. Tadanobu Asano, Fumi Nikaido, Rinko Kikuchi, and Ryo Kase lend their talent to a colourful cast of characters who seem to have stumbled out of a dream into this forest of humor and mind-bending creativity.

Tadanobu Asano, the celebrated actor known for his chameleon-like transformations, delivers a performance that is at once charming and bewildering. Fumi Nikaido's comedic timing adds a sparkling edge to the film, while Rinko Kikuchi, the internationally acclaimed actress, brings an endearing quirkiness to her character. Ryo Kase, another powerhouse performer, rounds out the cast with his subtle humour. This ensemble cast is a real treat for fans of Japanese cinema.


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Despite the comedy and absurdity permeating the film, "Funky Forest" is not bereft of deeper themes. The film's creators use humour as a medium to explore the human condition, particularly the experience of feeling out of sync with societal norms. The three unpopular brothers' quest for female attention is a comedic but poignant commentary on the universal human desire for acceptance and belonging.

The film's unique storytelling style also underscores the subjectivity of perception. Each episode peels back a layer of reality to reveal the chaotic and the illogical, pointing out that the world often makes little sense. Viewers are invited to surrender to the absurdity and embrace the joyous unpredictability of life itself.

Moreover, "Funky Forest: The First Contact" is a celebration of the medium of cinema. It's a film that doesn't just push boundaries; it gleefully obliterates them. Each episode is a testament to the directors' creativity and their ability to captivate audiences with the unexpected.

In conclusion, "Funky Forest: The First Contact" is a wild, absurd, and joyously eccentric ride that dares to be different. This is not your average comedy; it's a phantasmagoric exploration of absurdity, punctuated with humour and grounded in a reality that's uniquely its own. It challenges perceptions, tickles the funny bone, and leaves audiences reeling with its unabashed originality. If you're brave enough to step into the "Funky Forest," be prepared for a cinematic experience that will challenge your mind, tickle your senses, and leave you questioning the nature of reality, one absurd episode at a time.

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