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BFI is offering an additional one-month extension to the 14-day free trial on BFI Player Subscription. Essential at-home viewing of the best in world cinema and  there are hundreds of films to choose from, with titles added weekly.

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Film review - Monsoon

Sometimes you need to return home to know who you are. Kit (Golding - Crazy Rich Asians) has returned to Vietnam, some 30+ years later, to bury his mothers’ ashes. You learn, along with his family, he escaped at a young age to England.  Like many of his parents’ generation, the corruption of communist parties and other political events, which rippled through Vietnams’ society during the 70s-90s, meant many people had to leave with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.  This is what the story hinges on and plays through a man's discovery of self and where he...

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