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Long Arm of the Law

Long Arm of the Law

The long wait for Long Arm is nearly over.

Apologies for the myriad release date changes and the wait for this title.

You might have noticed that some retailers have already shipped this title. The official release date is 27th November, despite that not being apparent on the 88Films site.

The reversed happened with The Medallion, where we received stock a month early and shipped the orders without knowing of the release date change.

So our allocation of stock is arriving today/ tomorrow and we will start picking, packing and shipping your order as soon as it arrives.

Enjoy the boxset when you get it.

Long Arm of the Law influenced Tarantino with it's story line of a bungled jewellery robbery resulting in the shooting of a cop, and the thieves having to lay low. If you are still in need of a copy, you can get a Long Arm of the Law blu ray boxset on the Terracotta store whilst we still have stock.




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