Ebola Syndrome (blu ray) Limited Edition slipcase version

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One of THE must-watch Hong Kong Category III movies, Ebola Syndrome (Herman Yau) stars Anthony Wong in this most notorious and grotesque exploitation film since Untold Story.

After killing his boss, wanted convict Ah Kai flees Hong Kong and flees to South Africa.

There, he works in a restaurant and is exploited by his boss and the boss's wife. In a rage, he rapes and kills a woman infected by the Ebola virus, and then rapes his boss's wife and minces her up to be served up as hamburgers, thus beginning the spread of the deadly and highly contagious virus.

However, when he learns he is immune but can carry the disease and infect others, he begins to spread the disease to more and more people and heads back to Hong Kong to continue his abhorrent exploits.

Ebola Syndrome is a typically wild Category III horror, replete with ghastly overtones and heaps of bad taste cinema.

Director: Herman Yau

Cast: Anthony Wong, Shing Fui On, Lo Meng, Cha Miu Ying, Wan Yeung Min

Genre: Exploitation horror

Language: Cantonese (with English subtitles)

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 1996

Runtime: 98 minutes

Region: B

Special Features:

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