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Suzhou River (blu ray ) Limited Edition

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Director: Lou Ye
Cast: Jia Hongsheng, Zhou Xun

Suzhou River (2000)

Explore the haunting depths of Suzhou River (2000) directed by Lou Ye. Set against the mesmerizing backdrop of Shanghai's Suzhou River, this neo-noir tale, told through the eyes of an un-named videographer, weaves a mysterious narrative of love, loss, and obsession.

A recently released criminal becomes entangled in a web of emotions when he falls for a dancer who resembles his dead lover. He becomes convinced that she is his lost love who threw herself into the Suzhou River. 

The search for truth unfolds through a mesmerizing blend of Hitchcock- like suspense, and obssessiveness, reminiscent of VERTIGO, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

As always with Lou Ye films, there is always a critique of his homeland, here, the flowing Suzhou river backdrop serves as a metaphor for old meets new China.

Now available on blu ray, immerse yourself in the Wong Kar Wai style visuals, and the gripping storyline of Suzhou River with this Limited Edition Radiance Films release. more

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